A Weakening Spine


Some, mostly older folks, say we've lost our spine as a society. That we've left behind our values, traditions.

While traditions are certainly things that can go away, especially if they're damaging in some way, values should never be lost. They might change, adapt, but never go away.

I do agree to some extent with these people. We exchanged values for trends. We don't check our actions against an ethos; rather, we check them against what's trending on social media. Everyone's buying a particular thing? Well, I have to buy it too.

Without exploring, understanding, and later (re)determining your core values, there's no hope for us, as a whole. We'll become a society so weak, so distracted, that we'll never solve any bigger problems.

The Minimalists offer this great Values Worksheet. It's a simple, but deep exercise that will help you find who you are and what you care about.

You can't survive without a spine.

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