I'm starting to believe that hype is a word and a concept that's penetrating our society at an incredible pace.

Hype is not excitement. Hype is not interest. Hype is not support.

Maybe it has elements of all three. But hype exists for the sake of hype itself. It's ultimate goal is prolonging and expanding it's presence in our lives. Like a bug, a parasite. Controlling what we feel, how we behave.

I spent a lot of time in "technology enthusiast" circles. Oh boy, it's the mecca of hype. Absolute dominance of form over substance. A devastating triumph of consumptionism and conformism. Of being cool. Hyped for the sake of being hyped.

Being excited is ok. Wanting to play, wander is ok. But "shiny new toy"/"popular new idol" syndrome is not ok.

Maybe we are becoming a dumber society, after all. Maybe all this wealth, all this excess leads to a grand awakening of our ugliest, shadiest desires.

Just don't believe the hype.

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