In Return


A friend of mine once asked: surely you're expecting something in return from all this volunteer work you're doing? After a brief moment, I replied: no. Then I clarified: if I did, I wouldn't have the motivation to do it.

This theme has been presented here on multiple occasions. Yet it comes back so often in my life, that its hard not to write about it again.

Since the pandemic times, I always paid my barber 20% more than the regular price. Why? It's hard for small businesses, and I truly enjoy their service. That's all. Do I get anything in return? No. Service has been the same, and I paid them more three times already, and I didn't see a difference. Maybe it's ego, but, if it was, all I'd have to do is pay them more just once, for show, and stop doing it afterwards.

A friend of mine is desperately looking for a job. She really needs it. Whenever a job opportunity comes my way, I immediately send it to her and write a testimonial. Do I get anything in return? No. Would I want anything in return? No. That'd ruin the fun.

I was walking in the woods one day. A guy fell off his bike. I stopped, moved the bike out of the way, helped him get up. Asked if he was okay. Warned him about the ice further down the path. Did I get anything in return? No. Okay, maybe a hastily said "thank you".

Help like everything depended on your little action; help like you'd like to be helped.

Karma comes back.

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