Find Your Gods


In our increasingly secular world, we're slowly replacing the old concept of "God" with smaller, more transient and physical "gods".

Not judging this process as good or bad; just noticing its existence.

In our capitalistic society, money is a god for many. Money often dictates what we do, what we eat, how we look. Like an almighty God. We talk about money in highest regard, carefully cherish its existence, proudly enjoy the benefits it gives us, and swiftly blame it for misfortune.

But there are many more gods now: fashion, trends, experiences, gurus, "influencers" (a word I cannot type without extreme disgust). Each one of us has our own pantheon of gods that we carefully follow, cherish, and assimilate.

Check your gods. Look through their teachings, their influences. Even if you're part of a major monotheistic religion, you're also likely to follow "gods", alongside your main "God". They still have influence, sometimes even harder to notice.

Who/what you follow, listen to, comply with shapes you. Builds your identity, consciousness, and overall presence.

Don't let a fool shape you.

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