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We all have flaws. Sometimes, these flaws start becoming obstructive, destructive, even. That's when a "crisis" or a "crash" comes. We've all experienced these, in some rendition. Sometimes they're brief and intense; others, they're long and drill down slowly. Some touch every area of our life, others only a single one.

When you're down, the only way is up - that's something we've established on this blog a while ago.

This current version of you is clearly not working - after all, you're in a crisis. What's next? Build the next version. Look at your flaws, your bad habits. In short, everything that made you crash. Even if the crisis was caused primarily by an outside event; there's always something that acts up. Maybe our ego. Maybe a particular emotion, or memory. Or habit. Or mental shortcut.

Analyze, deconstruct. Crises provide a fascinatingly powerful retrospective into our deepest strengths and flaws. Continue building what's already a strength; work on the things that didn't go well. Maybe seek therapy. Maybe change your environment. It's up to you.

To build iteratively is to build well.

Only hard work constitutes real change.

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