A while ago I wrote about projections of other people we may rely on. Our own interpretations of wholly unique and individual human beings.

What's interesting is when the process of projecting starts applying to ourselves. When we start creating, and then believing in a projection of our own self.

Some call it masking - hiding our true self from the public, but also, sadly, from ourselves. A mask is a complete, compelling projection of a person. Masks let us "transform" ourselves in front of other people. To conform, to stand out.

Sometimes we may have different masks for different environment. Playing the cool kid among peers. Being the responsible adult among superiors. The curious art admirer among friends who go to museums. And on, and on...

The breaking point comes when we start assimilating our masks as parts of our true self. It's the ultimate deception of oneself. Not just "lying", but masterful deceit. A true triumph of ego, overshadowing the self.

Leave your mask at the door.

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