My grandpa has this story about meeting a hobo/bum/homeless person who asked for beer. (That's common here in Poland). Instead of refusing, like most people, my grandpa went ahead and bought them a four-pack of beer. He says he did this more than once, and, in fact, does this quite often.

A while ago, while walking on the streets of Krakow, my hometown, I started thinking about the still-present social "castes". Even though a lot has changed since the peak of these systems, there are still people living well below their means. In India, they had the dalits - the untouchables.

When you see an impoverished, presumably homeless person, try to see behind their "dirtiness". We're often pushed away by their behavior. But that's just deepening the problem.

Try to see everyone's humanity as it is. You'll never know how they got on the street.

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