Bird Against Wind


Have you ever watched a bird struggle to fly in strong winds? It's an interesting thing to observe. The little guy trying to so hard to fly, flapping its wings so hard, yet failing to move forward.

As Derek Sivers wrote a while ago, do what scares you. In a sense, flying against a stron wind is exactly like doing something that scares us.

A life without challenge is a passive life. Unfortunately, passivity is incredibly close to apathy. Crossing that line is unavoidable, and, sadly, undetectable. A life full of apathy is a lost life.

The only way to counter this is to actively face our fears and do the things that scare us, just like facing incredibly strong winds.

Reach out to the person who you believe is out of your league. Do what you think can't be done.

You wont see the other side of the hill at first.

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