Whenever I travel from city to city, I'm always amazed by the differences in scale.

For someone in London, a one hour commute is nothing. For someone in Krakow, one hour is something, but still perfectly acceptable. Yet, for someone living in a small town, one hour seems truly ridiculous.

Where I live, the closest store is 40 minutes away by foot. After a few years living here, I've gotten used to it. But now, whenever I visit someone who lives much closer to a store, it just feels weird. Let's say there's a crappy store right next to their place and a better one 20 minutes away. For them, walking 20 minutes extra might seem absurd. So they go to the crappy shop. But, since my scale is so much bigger in this example, I'm completely fine with going to the better shop.

Scale is not just about distance. It's about acceptance, input/output, capacity. Truth is, in 90% of cases, we're all going through exactly the same things. But they're all on a different scale.

To be resilient is to be able to handle problems scaled to the max.

Broaden your scale, broaden your presence.

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