Pick Up


Not too long ago I wrote about growing ideas. I still believe that we too often think about collecting not cultivating. Ideas are out there. They've always been. All you've got to do is take them and let them grow inside of you.

Nevertheless, without collection, there'd be nothing to cultivate. Nothing to work on. Nothing to think about.

One of the greatest purchases I've made in my life was a pack of pocket-sized Moleskine notebooks. Softcover, blank pages. As a rule, I always carry one with me. Usually in my back pocket, sometimes in my bag. I pair it with an erasable Pilot Frixion pen (they're cheap, I'm not worried to loose/break one). Whenever a simple, fleeting thought comes, I immediately write it down. Incomplete, imperfect, fragile. But existent. A fragile thought is better than no thought. In the process of creation, at least.

Whatever strikes you, makes you look, provokes thought. Write it down. We're all observant. But not all of us notice our observation.

The secret to being creative? Solidify your fragile and wild curiosity.

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