Just A Dream


We all have dreams. Or, at least, I hope that's the case. Dreaming is a beautiful act of human richness.

I often encounter people using the phrase: oh, but it was just a dream. Like in the last lines of Losing My Religion. No matter the topic, I see this particular line of thinking appear more often than not.

Dreams are projections of reality that could happen. All dreams are rooted in reality, being a possible extensions of it. No matter their size, their range, dreams are always the same in their core.

Truth is, all dreams, even the most extravagant and insignificant ones, are good. Dreaming, as an act, is a powerful vehicle of imagination, creativity, being. Without the ability to dream, we our existence would be a mere fraction of what it currently is.

Every dream deserves being pursued. Every dream can transform.

Every dream solidifies our humanity.

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