As DHH wrote in his blog post a while ago , we don't appreciate when we have enough.

Somehow, it seems, that our thirst for more has become stronger in recent times. Is it a staple of the human condition to never be satisfied?

Building out your enough sense is a powerful exercise for living in today's world. That little voice that tells you to refuse, to stop when you've had enough.

As I look around at successful, fulfilled and happy people around me, I see one common trait among them: they know when it's enough. Enough work, enough pleasure, enough dreaming, enough rest.

Two years ago I'd never refuse another cookie. Six months ago I'd never refuse a chance to meet up with a friend whom I admire. A year ago I'd never voluntarily stop working.

Understanding what is enough does indeed come with practice. But, the more you ask, the more you observe yourself, the better you'll learn when to say enough.

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