Simple Life


It's depressingly hard to live a simple life.

Everything seems to be so complex, so advanced these days. It's hard to exist without a smartphone, without social media. You need to do your taxes, pay your bills. There are many social responsibilities, even more work-related ones.

Living a complicated life is easier in a sense. To live simply, you have to put all this work into reducing noise, simplifying, decluttering. This can truly be exhausting!

Why do we have to do more to have less?

Maybe you've heard about FOMO - the fear of missing out. But there's also JOMO - the joy of missing out. Once you un-hook your brain from the "having more" mental model, you'll start to notice how joyful having less can be. You'll feel joy after closing your social media, missing out on unnecessary social engagements, not going shopping this Saturday too.

A simple life is a better life. You can experience every little thing you do much more deeply.

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