Problems Pt 2


Read part one.

Problems are like nuts. Tough on the outside, hard to chew. Somewhat tasteless. But full of nutritious micro- and macro-elements. So dense, so packed.

To actually deal with your problems, you have to bite them like a nut. It's going to hurt. Once you get through the hard shell, chewing the inside will be easier. Tastier. Eating nuts strengthens your teeth.

When you see a problem, take it, bite it, chew it hard. Don't go around. The detour is kinda boring.

Problems are like bombs. Left unattended, they might explode. Even if you think you've left them behind a long time ago. We're still finding unexploded bombs from World War I.

Defusing a bomb is no easy task. There are multiple cables, tangled in a huge mess. Cut the wrong cable, the bomb will explode in your hands. Finding the right one, or the combination of right ones, is a delicate and time-consuming task.

Finding the right cable to cut is like looking for the cause. The cause, the root of the problem is validating its existence. Every cause is real, but not every cause is true. Causes are reflections of our identity, constituted by our inability to synthesize.

It will take time until you defuse the bomb. It will take time until you chew the nut. But it will be worth a million times more than looking for a detour.

And you'll be free of your problem(s)!

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