Problems Pt 1


Problems seem to be everywhere. Everyone seems to have them. Oh how often do I hear people say: he's dealing with a lot of problems right now. Or: she's a problematic person.

I've been hearing about "problems" all my life. About how I have them, about how others have them. Over the years, I gathered some interesting observations about problems - or, rather, how we approach and interpret problems. Perception is a powerful tool.

The common way of viewing problems is seeing them as roadblocks. You have a clear path you've embarked on, and suddenly you arrive at a roadblock. An obstacle. A thing that is blocking your journey. So what do you do? You take a detour, go around it, and continue going on your path. The problem is a nasty, negative thing that prevented you from going your way. And you had to take a detour. Madness.

In this model, the problem is perceived negatively. It's also not interacted with, being left away while we're taking our detour. Can't go one way? Let's find another. Ain't nothin' gonna stop us.

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