The Stem


Nobody loves the stem.

Everybody is looking at the flowers, oh how beautiful they are! So colorful, enchanted, almost. Oh, look, there's a bee right over there. Nature is beautiful, aye?

But the stem? It's nothing compared to the flowers. An ugly green "stick". Thin, hard on the outside but moldy on the inside. The flowers are everything, but the stem is nothing.

But there'd be no flowers without the stem. It's crucial in any plant. Like the roots. At least the roots are underground, but boy they ain't pretty.

We don't appreciate the "stems" of our world. The connection-makers. The helpers. The people, the things working in the background to make our world better. To let us bloom. We only look at the flowers, the end results, the shining stars.

There'd be no flower without the stem.

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