Messy Mind


I recently watched 10 Years With Hayao Miyazaki, a documentary about the life and work of the legendary anime director.

I wasn't very familiar with Miyazaki's work before watching the doc. I've only seen Spirited Away before 10 Years. In between watching the four episodes of the documentary, I caught up on a few of his films.

This Twitter thread features a few interesting snaps documenting Miyazaki's creative process. It's messy, it's unorganized. As an aspiring artist myself, I can confirm that the creative process is indeed messy. Scott Belsky wrote a book good book about it.

Often, when people start creating, they're afraid by the seeming lack of progress. Going in circles makes them nervous, they worry they'll never bring the vision to the world. Truth is, without all this mess, there'd be no creation. You need a mess, a pool to draw ideas from.

From mess the greatest things emerge.

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