Deep underground wells usually keep their water at the same temperature all year long. Somewhere around 18 Celsius. Exact same temperature. Yet, in the summer, that water will seem cold to you. On the other hand, that same water will be very hot in the winter.

The opposite may also be true, as Derek Sivers said in what is one of my favorite TED Talks to date. In China, doctors get rich when you're healthy, not when you're sick - this one just blew my mind.

When we start relying on labels, we associate much more easily with group beliefs. If more than one belief is associated with a label (which is almost always the case), then it's easy to jump from one to another. Like a party's agenda. Like a holistic philosophy.

Two truths went on a walk and they never got anywhere - or maybe they did? It all depends on one's ability to ask, to search.

To ask is to live.

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