Our Reflection


Quite a few people deem art as unnecessary. The technologists, the scientists. Not all, of course. But some, surprisingly many, in my opinion.

Art is important. It is a reflection of our world, a little bit absurd, a little true. We need to express what we feel, who we are, what we hope for. Otherwise, all this will result in internal inflammation, which, in turn, will turn towards apathy later on.

Art is useful, too. One can look at the story of the Medici family from Florence; how they rose to power, resulting in the transition from a republic to a duchy. And they did all that while heavily investing in art. They saw art not only as a vehicle of expression, but as a tool of political importance. Florentine artists became famous all over Europe during the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, making Florence itself not only famous, but powerful.

In the end, art is part of what it means to be human. We reached the level we're at thanks to not just science, not just mathematics, but the entire variety of human creation as a whole.

You cannot discard what you feel.

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