This truly feels like a post I should've written ages ago.

Please critique my posts. That's the gist of it.

Even though this blog just passed the 100 000 word count mark, I still feel like a noob. English is not my first language, and so I often feel like the words I'm writing are not necessarily correct. I'm improvising every single sentence, every thought.

I do get messages from readers sometimes. So far, they have only been positive. And I'm incredibly thankful for them; there were times when praise was the only thing that made me keep going. Even though I do not know who or how many are reading this blog, I am grateful for every single message of support.

Constructive criticism is the path to mastery. There's always, in any kind of work, space for improvement. If there's a statement you do not agree with, or if you think my language could be improved, please let me know by shooting me an email. Or if there's an extra thought you'd like to share - please do!

I write for the sake of writing. But, right after that, I write for my dearest readers :)

I'd be honored if you'd decide to critique my work.

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