We live in an unequal world. That's a fact. I've been thinking about gender equality quit a bit in the past few days.

There's a limited number of voices that can reach the entire world. Let's say it's somewhere around 500. Only five hundred people who's opinions, beliefs, statements reach the entire world (whether it's hundreds of millions or billions - I don't know). And this number can't constantly keep growing - we all have just 24 hours a day. If 80% of these people are men (as it is right now), we have a jarring mismatch between the whole world (50/50) and this particular group of people with the biggest outreach (80/20).

It's not hard to find examples of patriarchic paradigms in every element of our society. Men have had, and still do have, incredible privileges over women. Anyone denying this is either blind to factual truth or benefiting from keeping this scheme going.

There is only one true, permanent solution. Men waiving their privilege card in favor of women. Letting your wife get that great big job while you take care of the house. Helping your mom write her first novel. Paying your sister's college tuition instead of buying yourself a new car.

Individually, these actions might not seem very impactful. But, when a critical number of men step down from their pedestal and let women take their place, we will achieve true equality.

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