Eye Of A Needle


Sometimes, in life, there are moments that seem impossible. If you try to think about your life as a whole, about the things you've done, the things you still have to do, it can be overwhelming. Especially if you have more life ahead of you than behind you.

It's like trying to fit through the eye of a needle. So tiny, so thin. It is, truly, impossible to pass through. Growing up, getting old, finding love, passing that exam, getting that funding. All of these are eyes of a needle. Chokepoints. Challenges. Obstacles, some may say.

Even though I'm relatively young, I can't count all of the moments when I thought it was impossible for me to pass. To survive. And there are so many more ahead of me. If I try to breathe all of this in at once, I choke. Will I find true love? Will my work be impactful and honest? Will my loved ones be safe for as long as possible? Too much. Thankfully, in reality, all of this is spread in time.

These "eyes of a needle" are the most transformative, most revolutionary, most important moments of our lives. Yes, they might be stressful. Yes, they might make us feel like all of this is too much. Trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle is the most growth we'll ever experience. We have to shed unnecessary baggage, our ego, our overloaded minds. Just gather all of the incredibly powerful potential energy all of us have. And go. Take the first step, which will, inevitably, lead us to the last.

If you can fit in the eye of a needle, you can do anything.


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