100 Days Of Meditation


Well... I meditated for 100 days in a row.

But first, I should explain how I got into it.

I've heard about the concept of meditation probably around 4 years ago. Like all uncommon ideas and practices, it seemed very weird at first. Almost peculiar.

And so, for the next three and a half years I masterfully ignored meditation. Even though it's promised benefits were something I probably needed a lot.


In January this year, I started reading, watching & listening to various people, who talk about the idea of mindfulness. And sometime later, I found a coupon for a free one-year Headspace subscription. Headspace is one of the many different guided meditation apps. They basically "teach" meditation and then help people do it every day.

And so, slowly, I started to meditate. Cautious at first, nervous about not being able to do it well in the beginning, the habit built up.

I see immense benefits of meditation. It helps me stay at peace with my mind and surroundings, have time to reflect on the day, and most important of all, it made my anxieties go away. And God, I've had many.

So, I think that everyone should start meditating. Even for two minutes a week. No matter their beliefs. You can try doing it yourself, but if you're like me, and need a mentor, here's a link to try Headspace for free: [https://www.headspace.com/invite/Chqorxz

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