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My brain generates a lot of ideas. They tend to get lost in the #thoughts or #pages tags in my notes (when they're not sitting scattered across some other platform I briefly tried to start using). I don't the time or energy to fully develop them into posts that I want to put on my blog, but I would like to centralize them somewhere, and with minimal effort. Back on the main site, I called it a 'mesoblog' - a middle ground between a microblog, like Twitter or Mastodon, and a macroblog. I'd also like to practice writing on a daily basis, just to practice style and improve my organization and lexicon.

I'm going to leave this platform disconnected from the main site for now, for a few reasons: I can freely express my thoughts without worrying about self-censoring or maintaining a public reputation. I don't need to care who sees who sees my writing, what they think about me, or what they do with it. I don't care if information I put up on here can potentially be linked back to my main site; as long as I can maintain plausible deniability, this page will serve its purpose.

Essentially, I'm here because I need a place where I can write without pressure, constraint, or expectation.

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