Home Maintenance - 2

We had the vents cleaned in my house today. People were sneezing a lot, so we called in a vent-cleaning crew, put on masks, and locked ourselves away (for coronavirus safety reasons) for a few hours.

It really makes me realize how many stupid little things you need to take care of when you own a house. Along with cleaning out the lint in the washing machine, taking care of the yard, fixing structural issues, leaks, electrical issues, and messed-up roofing, repainting the exterior, getting the chimney cleaned, calling a plumber to get the drainpipe snaked, fixing or buying new appliances, etc... (I asked.)

I half-wrote three other posts this evening but all of them felt wrong - pretentious, inappropriate, just bad in general, or all three - so instead you get to hear a mundane story about my house's vents. #100days has no rules, right?*

*Actually, there is one rule (write every day) and it seems that the post dating systems on Listed think that #1 was posted two days ago, not one, since I posted it in the early morning yesterday :/
I guess there's nothing to do but say that we're off to a rocky start and get on with it.

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