A strange mix - 11

Writing motivation tends to go in a generally repetitive pattern: get excited about doing it and write a very long post, crash and write a short post, then recover and write a medium post. The length of the long posts fluctuate too. 1400-word pseudo-essays mixed with 100-word shower thought-sort of things make for a blog that looks kinda funny.

As you can probably tell, I'm in a period of waning motivation. I'm currently working on various side projects, including getting my Zettelkasten into a functioning state and starting on weekly learning projects (I will probably write about both of these topics in the future), which I've noticed takes up a lot of the space in my brain that was previously occupied by my daily writing.
I'll leave it here for today.

More writing to come - enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate around this time, even if it's just the normal New Year next week.

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