Meta Questions - 45

Maybe getting things organized how I want them is simply a matter of asking and answering the right questions. Complex systems evolve from simple ones that work, and what's simpler than answering a question?

Here are the questions that make up most of the stuff I'm trying to organize:

How will I ___ (effectively)?

  • Decide what tasks to do
  • Distribute my time
  • Organize my calendar
  • Ensure that my bedroom is orderly
  • Ensure that my phone doesnt get cluttered
  • Secure and protect my data
  • Organize and retain my knowledge/notes
  • Keep learning
  • Organize my writing
  • Make sure I use 'shower thoughts'
  • Enable myself to get back on track if my schedule is derailed
  • Make sure I don't have too much screen time
  • Still have fun
  • Have review sessions make sure I’m reaching my goals
  • Plan long-term
  • Plan events

This is a good list. I've torn down my organization system already; if I can just work on answering these questions this week and get through half of them I'll be much better off than I started. This is a novel yet intuitive approach to things that I hadn't considered before.


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