Answering My Own Meta Questions - 47

Rather than write some thoughts down, I want to get some work done on my reorganization. Using the meta-questions from #45, I'm going to start putting things into action. (I'm writing in some form, so I'd say it counts toward #100days.) Sorry if it's boring.

How will I ___ effectively?

  • Decide what tasks to do

I'm going to have a running list, an inbox of sorts, which stores every single assignment, step in a project, etc. - must be concrete, quantifiable achievements in order to be added, otherwise they'll go into a projects, ideas, etc. section depending on what they are.

Then, each morning, I will copy unsorted items on this list into an Eisenhower Matrix (this is the blog that I initially heard about it from so I figured I should cite it) and use that to prioritize my working time.

  • Distribute my time

Time blocking. (see next question)

  • Organize my calendar

Recurring events will do most of the grunt work, but I will also have shortcuts that add certain day templates to tomorrow or two days from now in order to fill in days that don't go along with the routine.

I anticipate this being one of the most difficult parts of my system to implement successfully. It will require effort, trial, and error, and potentially a lot more time than I'd hope, but I do think it will work out in the end. Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Ensure that my bedroom is orderly

Pick stuff up every night rather than doing cleaning marathons during dedicated time; try to decrease total stuff over time to reduce clutter; elaborate on my system for deciding where objects go in my room (I have general categories but that doesn't seem to be enough). Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Ensure that my phone doesnt get cluttered

Trying to cut down to the bare essentials is a constant struggle for me. One thing I can do to quickly improve, however, is to prevent myself from keeping apps that I want to test out on my phone. They cause clutter, they're unused, and are potential security risks - among other annoying issues - so if I set out a time to test things and force myself to delete unused testing apps after a period, I think things could improve significantly. Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Secure and protect my data

Self-host a personal cloud for syncing stuff (and practice hardening linux)
Use private browsing extensions in ff or degoogled-chromium
Use systemwide vpn and adblockers
Use secure (encrypted) communications wherever possible (good link)
Update and keep up-to-date on sec and privacy news
Harden (and pentest on, I guess) my home network
Use anonymity or pseudonymity appropriately; use my real identity only in very specific, intentional situations (I do this already, not that much of an issue)
Avoid installing unecessary applications to reduce attack surface
Keep learning!
(incomplete list)

  • Organize and retain my knowledge/notes

This will likely be another one of the more difficult-to-implement parts of this system.

Annotate/highlight/take notes on/write takeaways from as much media as I can
Take those literature/media notes and send them into Zettelkasten format (?) at a certain time each day (Thoughts, other writings should go into S.N. account)
this will need further consideration; notes system needs much more work.
Create (write, make infographics, make websites, compile resources that I've used) as much as possible (obligatory learn in public reference)

  • Keep learning

Block out learning time every day. Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Organize my writing

Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote this, embarrassingly.

  • Make sure I use 'shower thoughts'

I will take shower notes down using my control center button, and at the end of the day export them as .txt files to a folder in my zettelkasten. Useful ones go somewhere, not useful ones go somewhere else...
Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Enable myself to get back on track if my schedule is derailed

When I notice that I'm off-track or that something is going to come up, I will create a new block and adjust my schedule. Time spent should be intentional; it's fine to play video games spontaneously on the weekends as long as I choose an amount of time and decide when to end and when to start other things.

  • Make sure I don't have too much screen time

This is a losing battle during lockdowns. Nevertheless, I will still attempt to decrease my screen time.

Remove high-time apps/sites from my diet (youtube, forums, news sites, etc.)
Be more aware of my own screen time
Give myself plenty of convenient alternatives when I want to consoooooooom
Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Still have fun

Allow for changes in schedule. Still be spontaneous, but deliberate.

  • Have review sessions make sure I’m reaching my goals

Schedule this.

  • Plan long-term

Goals area (like my tasks and thoughts area) in which I list out my goals for time periods (explained at a later hour). Use review sessions to consider my efforts.

  • Plan events

I think this will be one of my "projects": build friendships and still have fun in whatever way I can during times like these. Have a quota/reminder to plan events (online or in-person)?

And a few more that I didn't add last time:

  • Organize projects & longer-term goals

Projects and goals session. Divide into smaller tasks for scheduling and Eisenhower Matrix-ing. *Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Stay focused/prevent technology-induced memory loss

Use apps, timers to put myself into focus mode
Put phone away for certain activities or times to reduce digital amnesia
Think more (no, seriously)
Focus hard for a moment when I start a task or activity; really hammer home what I'm doing in my brain.

  • Make my photos album actually useful

Save less, categorize more, caption more, tag more. I don't know if this is really going to happen but I guess we'll see.

  • Legitimately start, take notes on, and finish nonfiction books

Reading time blocked into schedule. Seriously read. Search around to see if I'm missing something?

  • Maintain a set of values and goals that I pursue

Values and goals area. Use them to help me make decisions. Use review sessions to consider my performance.

  • Optimize [this needs a post of its own]

Practice optimizing and observing; block out time, one approach is to list (try to list) rules and then figure out how to optimize things using said rules.

  • Reuse school resources

Keep good notes
Filter through for useful information, put into Z if possible, file them in filing cabinets w/ related stuff

  • Study

I want to learn to study effectively. Practicing it is good, but I've also heard about courses from Ali Abdaal (skillshare, I think?) among others. Look for online resources and ask around.

This post has taken me about an hour and a half, and I'm really happy with how it's turned out. I just need to keep making progress - and asking questions.

Ultimately, I plan (read: hope) to one day build my own tools that fit my brain better, but until my coding abilities are better I'll have to make do as best I can.

See you tomorrow.


Still to do:

  • build shortcuts for calendar use
  • figure out item categorization and storage system
  • create list of blocks to add
  • Figure out notes system
  • What does "organize my writing" mean?
  • Goals, values and Projects
  • list out all blocks still needed
  • Implement

How will I implement?

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