Day Themes and a Note - 80

My day themes for now are:

  • Sunday: Building day (my yearly theme is building)
  • Monday: Math day
  • Tuesday: ???
  • Wednesday: Family day (Friendsday?) (spending quality time with family)
  • Thursday: ???
  • Friday: Projects Day (catching up on projects)
  • Saturday: Reflection + Planning day (looking forwards and backwards, also quantified self, check-in on projects)

I'm still working on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm pretty busy those days so I don't know if I need to do them.

Honestly not sure what I'm doing with this blog at this point. I don't have the time I'd like to have to work on writing like I did when I started, so it's sort of become a weight on my back. I don't have time. Nothing's getting explained, so a lot of what I put up on here is now esoteric garbage to most people.

Sorry (both to you, the reader, and you, uh, me, @branches). Don't know if that will change :/

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