Looking Ahead, Implemented - 86

I've started giving myself incentives to get myself to do things I don't want to do, and as it turns out it's really effective!

Each night I give myself some time to watch YouTube videos while I get ready for bed. It makes me excited to go to bed, and it makes me happy and helps me release the stress of the day. I've been in bed before 11 for the past three nights, once even before 10:30 because of it. That's something that was previously an extremely rare occurance!

I've also scheduled in some time for myself to hang out with a close friend of mine, every friday night. I keep looking forward to that, no matter how dull, exhausting, stressful, or all three my day gets. It's brightened up my week subtly.

If this keeps working long-term - which I hope it will - I think that my life will be generally significantly better.


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