Track Results - 93

I've been tracking my time for two weeks now, and I'm happy about it. Being able to see (semi-accurate) quantifications of how I actually spend my time is great! It's also very useful for me to think about how I could improve my habits.

Changing my time habits is something that I think this will help a lot with. Being able to look and see that, 'well, over the past 14 days, I have racked up 13 hours of time spent in what I would call a 'wasted' way, such as looking at trends on twitter' is hopefully going to be very useful in changing my habits.
Knowing that I average almost an hour a day of wasted time and that it's mostly concentrated on the weekends is very useful information; I can now act on that to try and change the way that I spend my weekend.

It's a little bit of a burden, having to constantly set new timers, but I think the more I do it the more I will be able to make it flow.

Also, tomorrow marks the beginning of my final week on #100days. Let's... make it count, I guess?


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