Lockdown 4 weeks in.

I am fully aware a lot of people are going through a serious and concerning time. Obviously there are many tragedies unfolding in the lives of you the reader or someone you know. The amount of trauma that is happening in all areas of the world - writing this feels that I am being petty.

I am in a position that may not be unique but has elements that may not be current for anyone else in the country, probably.

While in real terms our lock-down experience is not a tale of wow - we are in good shape, certainly as I write this. We are luckier than most of the population as we have chosen to live in a cheaper part of the country so we do have some nature around us to enjoy.

My wife is returning to nursing and as such we are lucky enough to have a holiday cottage for her to live in so that as a nurse she is not bringing contamination into our home. I will post about some of the reasons to be isolated from her in another post.

We have now not been within 3 metres or more of my wife in 4 weeks. This is the extent of our hardship however after the 4 weeks our minor annoyance seems petty compared to others who are really struggling and for that I feel saddened that even on a minor income I feel privileged to live here and cannot do more for those who are in more difficult circumstances.

Please stay safe everyone and find someone to talk to if times are hard.

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