More Weight ?

More musing in weight gain / loss

I have blogged on this before and it is almost a year later.

So the results are not good so far. I decided there was no point going to the Doc for a weigh in on my birthday as I had not managed to shift the weight.

I rationalised this as having had a very stressful few months leading to my birthday however while this was true it is not about that alone.

Thinking about the resources I have for coping with my stress one of these is biscuits. There are many other vices - I am not the sort to blog about how great life is when most of us out there are more into reality as our own lives do not reflect that of our FB friends thread...

Therefore I need to consider resources and those resources that assist me that can still work inline with my longer term values.

And so here I am one year later thinking about the fact that I have not managed this whole thing as well as I could.

And so self management beckons - I will return to the weigh in and have therefore purchased a set of scales that transfers the data to my phone and does its own graphing.

This is not a tech blog so I am not going into the detail however I am hoping when I have some data points that the system will let me export the data to a more usable format.

One last point for the americans - the word data is plural - yes we agree with the american reader who will say we need to write "those data" however as the word is already plural we can just say "the data" - just like we would say "the cars", "the sheep", "the water", "the rice" - can you imagine saying a bowl of those rice? you would say the rice. This is a post for another time.

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