Loosing Weight

Loosing Weight

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I wanted a bx goal of loosing weight and as part of the initial training in behavior I learnt about taking data.

"What gets measured gets improved" - Peter Drucker

Therefore I religiously (almost) took data once a day (when at home) on my weight on the same scales I have used for many years - certainly over a dozen and more like 20.

Over the first 6 months I lost enough to have broken the first goal. However I ploughed on and more slowly than I would like the weight fell off over the next year so when I reached my birthday some 17 odd months from starting I had lost some 17 odd kilos.

This sounded great however I made a fatal mistake - I went to the Doc and was weighed.

There is nothing like a trip to the nurse who tells you that you are obese and need to loose weight for you to destroy all that effort.

People do not really understand how their well intentioned comments can be soul destroying given the 17 months of weight loss I had just been through.

As if the voice in your head was not hard enough to deal with the medical staff certainly have no interest in giving you any reinforcement for what was achieved.

Luckily I am not as affected by these things as some might have been however I did notice that over the summer I have stopped the data collection.

must keep it simple

My bx goal is to weigh in every day like a fighter.......

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