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A number of years ago we looked into getting insulation - who hasn't. However due to the nature of our old building we were unable to have internal wall insulation so we looked into, you guessed it, external wall insulation.

My wife explained to me that this would mean the house would end up being wrapped in a woolly blanket like a duvet. I am not sure my wife accepts that I can have a conversation at a higher level than a 4 year old however that is a thought for another day.

Now frankly years ago when I worked for a living we had no possibility of affording it so it would go on the long finger of hope.

Well this number of many years later we got the guys back out to quote and were pleased to see the quote had not gone up substantially which it could well have.

And so through a process that did take a while we ended up with scaffolding all around our house. Hence the title of this post, I will at some point run through the details of the process and experience of the external wall insulation, however for now I am obsessed about the guttering.

For some reason people have a habit of putting guttering flat. This has always puzzled me so recently when we got a local tradesman out to fix the facia and soffits we asked him to check on the guttering, we would provide more if needed, and to rehang them all as his immense skill level suggested he would be good at.

While he did finish the job and get paid it was only because of the scaffolding that I have been places in the situation where I can accurately see how the gutters are. Due to the fact that the lower end of the gutter may need the down pipe to be cut down a couple of centimetres, to alter the level and therefore flow, it appears the local tradesman could not take this time to reduce the down pipes to alter the level. Therefore it appears he has rehung all the gutters in exactly the same place.

Thankfully the scaffolding around the entire property has not just meant that I have been able to rehang - ALL of them, but also that I have been able to replace 2 of the long 4m sections that had bowed and were pooling in sections. All the tradesman had to do was mention this fact and I would have purchased the new materials forth with.

We live at the top of a hill overlooking a valley to the other side around 3.5 miles away. I have also now been to the top of the roof of the house and taken some photos in the sun. Something I always wanted to do.

Once in a while having scaffolding around the whole property is a great thing.

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