Highlights in Lock down

real world experience

I have discussed elsewhere the support needed for an individual to maintain and develop a supportive relationship for those they support.

I have experience of this from both sides of the coin however the last few weeks has placed a spotlight on the training we deliver around this.

I am incredibly glad my wife has had the training. [side note - due to lock down she is socially distanced from us and does not live in the house - discussed elsewhere]

As a trained person apart from the fact she understands what offloading is, when her natural need to take over discussing her emotion - I only have to point out who is meant to be offloading and she remembers the role at that point. Realistically I am the only one providing care.

Critics will of course will be annoyed with the sparse information however we have had many posts in other areas about supporting people in the role of carer.

The real world experience is getting to have the experience without a day off for many many weeks now. The conversations in my garden with my wife are an invaluable resource.

In terms of behaviour the point here is that those with better support networks, networks who understand what offloading is, are better able to support and care for individuals. All relationships include stress. And stress has a transactional nature.

"Anger is a form of energy. It cannot be destroyed, merely converted. In the case of humans anger transfers from one person to another." - MC.

I do feel for those who are in more difficult circumstances than us.

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