Enough with the weight thing

how come?

So I have blogged about weight and elsewhere I have blogged about a year of data collection which I did around weight. However in recent past a Netflix film, called Game Changers, took us on a journey about the virtues of a plant based diet. Just to stress we do not mean vegan - we mean plant based.

I rejoiced in a new way of thinking and was very happy with my health - but - the big change is I have put a load of weight on. So is this healthier or not?

During this pandemic I am now faced with the issue that I have spent some time doing exercise daily with my son and was unable to maintain any weight loss. Agh I hear you say but you have turned it into muscle. Well prior to this I would regularly be able to do 20 press ups and 30 sit ups (or my version of) this means I was not some person who did nothing. However when I lost the weight in the year of data collection I did so without any exercise above my normal small amount. In fact I probably did less.

Therefore why is it when I have this new impetus to eat a plant based diet, do I seem to not be able to loose any?

Roll on new data collection - we are in lock down so no going to eat out. I can take data on exactly what I eat and for how many days in a row.

Wish I could find the year of data collection blog post - seems to have disappeared in a domain move.

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