being a participant

I was a participant on a course today experienceing training from the other side. I am not sure I want to end up in that kind of role. Sure it is true that I am just a trainer however if you were to take a few moments to read some of the feedback I get working for my company you might perceive there is a difference.

Most normal training is basically covering a syllabus and keeping everyone happy. Today the trainer was perfectly amenable, likeable. However when you are in this sort of area of work the content has been done by people in the room before and the need is to tred lightly so everyone enjoys it all.

When about to attend or arriving at the training I deliver, people say I have done a course like this. If I was doing first aid, mental capacity, food hygiene or some such, I could understand the comment. When people actually go through the course I teach they say it is completely different to what they have seen before. I do not want to end up a dull trainer delivering the same old same old.

People use comments such as "an experience" when I train. Sure there are those for whom my personality does not mesh well with, some I rub up the wrong way and some whose perception of life is so far removed from mine I cannot get on with them. However these are few and far between. I did an online training recently and significantly over 50% of them are going to a short url days later to give glowing feedback. I change lives in work and families, I alter perception and reality. I cannot end up mundane. I think I may need a carrer change when I get to the point where I cannot create awe in a group of people on at least a more than average time basis.

So this is the point about me introducing myself to other people, a point I have laboured over.

  • Trainer - this really does not do me justice
  • Behaviour Analyst - this is a reductionist way of looking at what I deliver
  • Carer - yes and I cannot argue with this as I do it on a daily basis with someone in my home
  • Director - I suppose so, I mean I do run a limited company
  • Prosocial and Organisational Behavioural Management Facilitator - certainly, but not all encompassing
  • ACT facilitator - possibly, again it seems to devalue those who do this kind of thing evey day
  • Psychologial Flexibility Consultant - this may encompass the closest but still not content with that

What am I

Well with this 100 days of writing I am hoping to explore just that.

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