the dusty annex of the PBS plan

One of the cornerstones of behaviour is having the resources to assist you with the stress of everyday events. Indeed behaviour that can be considered by some aberrant can be the person responding to a lack of resources to cope with the emotional experiences they are having. Which are in turn a response to the physical reality experiences they are having.
Having a great resource system is discussed in another post.

Positive Behaviour Support or anything that is person-centred no matter how you name it or spin it should be fundamentally in place to assist the person. It is not the case that the care plan has the routine for assisting the person to be calm when getting up and the behaviour plan is separate from this. Our lives are not separated like this.

That beating the egg to make yourself omelette is in the care plan and prompting you to wash up is too. When you pull the whisk out and hit me on the head do we suddely jump to a PBS plan and then back to the care plan when all is well and I can then prompt him to wash up?

that is ludicrous

The fact we can assist the person to behave in a manner that is found to be acceptable. That we have moved the sofa and moved shower time till the evening and let him whisk till he stops without us interrupting is all part of the care plan.

Why do we think this is not behavioural?

They get people like me to achieve outcomes that have altered staff behaviour and attitudes. Yet these things, the sofa move, moving the time a shower so as not to upset the person, are antecedent interventions. Effectively creating environmental changes that reduce setting events or antecetends which the PBS world would call slow and fast triggers. I suppose it depends on if you want to use big science type words or more simple words that muddy the meaning of the concepts - another post on perception and semantics anyone?

And so these changes that fill a care plan are behavioural interventions. Too long have we seen people have a care plan and a PBS plan. Why are they not fully and irrevocably integrated?

I am working on one at the moment and while the goalposts move on a regular basis I am aiming to have the idea of having a fully encompassing master document where all of the different action plans could be. However, they are all part of the bigger scheme of things. Given a good index and colour coding why not have everything in one place and have it as individual pieces could be detached and used for specific tasks.

  • giving the person a bath
  • absconding? get the information page to give the police

Why would these be separate from the PBS plan, the information changing in one section should change in another?


This leads me to the point I would rather have all this as a digital doc so when for example the person's weight gets updated it is a variable which updates the weight in any area the master document that needs that information.


There should be no dust on a PBS plan - we need to know this is an all encompassing living document that is updated regularly.

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