tough for some in the 'age of the lockdown'

In this age of the lockdown - which, btw, is what I do think it should be called, does your pre lockdown circumstance assist your mental health or not? We all hear about people in lockdown on all sides of the coin and I want to draw your attention to one area here, being a couple.

If you were single at the start of a lockdown that could be a relief or a horror. Indeed some people are simply not interested in relationships or even some are not interested in sex at all. This is not me simply having a jibe - asexuality exists.

In terms of human sexuality, however, it simply means a person feels no sexual attraction wikihow

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity wikipedia

I thought I had better show 2 sources.

The point here is this can cause a person, on one hand, to be relieved they are not having to fight off attention. Whereas another person, who experiences the need, may crave the attention and the chances to get looked at and admired in public. This lack of public opportunity can also cause a change in a person's mental health.

Either way, both parties will also experience some levels of introvert and extrovert that may also be relieving or not in the short term. The welsh lockdown in October - November 2020 was 17days. This may be a perfect amount of time for all the mentioned people. However, any of them may need simple connections that come from human contact. I think I could have done the 17 days lockdown alone if I had my dogs (resource) and my zoom account. But the need to have human contact could be overwhelming after a long enough time.

I have been married for nearly 20 years, so you can add over 3 years to that for the amount of time we have been together. This is quite a different relationship from our friends' perception of relationships. I will blog about that given my wife reading of the content first. Last night I only saw her for 10 mins as she is doing long days working at the moment - this is common. I realised how important the 10 mins was as a resource for my, and hopefully her, daily stress.

I may only see her for 10mins when we are in this routine however I know as a future resource all day I will get to sit and chat with her when she gets in. As a consequence, I get all bits ready with food etc so our time is ours.

Those people who are alone in lockdown may be better off in the short term yet I feel so thankful I have this person sharing my life. A few weeks ago she asked if lockdown had affected me much, this is kind of like saying what would you have done in normal life before COVID? We both agreed we are still living the life we had and even under full restriction we are not living much differently to the way we were.

One thing that came up was the ability to browse shops and some of the sporting things I do. Apart from that?


How hard it would be to not have that human resource contact coming to the door and into the house every day exactly when I need it?

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