100 day challenge

1 of the concerns about doing the 100 day challenge revolves around how busy life can be and how we prioritise things. I am storming through a very challenging and concerning project which is dragging my mind constantly.

In the midst of the storm I get to a point where I am tired, I utterly need to do another task before I go to bed however the pressure that knocks in my head is around this 100 days of posting something.

This in this itself I find a concern. Looking back at the posts I have done I would wonder on the quality of what I have produced and a concern of - have I strayed too far from the point of writing. Well the on the second point let me just say - yes.

In terms of the quality or content of the things I am writing I know I can do better and would, given the time, spend more time developing arguments and finding research to quote to back up a point. However I am not doing that as I end up thinking - I have committed to posting 100 times by my next birthday, which gives me a few days off admittedly, seen here from my 2nd post. In that post I started and meant to continue to do a small "what went well" section (www) however I forgot that nugget quick enough. It is hard enough considering something that you need to fit in. This drags us from the present moment even more and the spiral drags down further.

The key in the last paragraph is probably "given time". None of us have time, the world is set up to cause us major discomfort when something happens and we are the last to know. Granted this fades in importance as you get older however it is linked to evolutionary science and being in with the crowd or group kept you alive. You were more likely to survive as part of a group. If I had the time to make a perfect post it would not get done - other things would prioritise my time.

If I took a moment to experience the present moment I would notice the things that could formulate - what went well today!


The dogs are asleep and one of them is lying in such a way that my feet are stroking her as I type. There are 2 tiny molly lambs (really cute) in one of our sheds tonight with a heat lamp. That the present I got my wife arrived (minor point they sent the wrong one) and it arrived a week early.

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