Missed a post...

Oh my!
I am soo busy in this project that is running alongside the daily training work I am doing. I missed the post yesterday. Now it is not about saying I did not have the time. I do worry about people's use of the phrase "I did not have the time!" Although to be fair my Advisor is screaming - "you do not have the time to be doing this 100 day thing on listed!". And now I have missed 2 posts.

We all have 168 hours per week. How we use them is the issue with having enough time. The amount we have is the same - the end result is the choices you make determine if you are spending that time on something that is constructive or not. There is an old adage - "if you want something done, give it to someone busy!" This is not because they have more time - it is because they are making more constructive choices with their time. Possibly just better time management.

You can choose to watch an episode of a box set the last thing in your day as a resource to assist you to relax - yes this is me. However, for the last 10 days or more, I have not done this due to a lack of time. The question is should I be doing the episode as it assists me with stress or should I work so late I am too tired and worry about getting enough sleep for tomorrow. Indeed worrying about sleeping leads people to not sleep. An interesting conundrum in itself, which fits with the ACT skillset around acceptance, defusion etc.

Q - Is the episode of the box set more important or the work?

Well, this has led me back to the consideration that I give up, what I call, drivel TV. My wife watches drivel in the "background" when she is working and achieving and I cannot concentrate when I do this. If we sit together from Dinner, I effectively do not get anything done constructively that evening whereas if I go off and work for 2 or 3 hours I can come back and watch something with her we both actually want to watch.

I am making a choice to have this as a shorter post as I am prioritising this project and some sleep over the 100 days challenge. Luckily I set myself the goal of 100 by my next birthday so there may be the odd couple in a day and the odd days I miss. I can still achieve it.

I wonder how many I have done so far?

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