positive psychology and thought

One of the positive psychology elements that we are aware of is that just like changing a habit takes 21 days so there is also a mechanism for altering brain chemistry when we follow the what went well scenario for 21 days. This brain chemistry alters a person's perspective from the normal and common pessimist to more optimistic brain chemistry. People can literally alter their brain chemistry in 21 days following a simple what went well process provided they follow this process every day.

This is also the most common amount of time behind altering a habit. The issue is consistency. However when it comes to positivity and negativity the brain starts to notice (that word again) the surroundings more and those events and experiences that can be used in the "what went well" experience exercise.

The process being summed up by the fact that we start to notice the butterfly when we are out and about taking into account the rich fullness of an experience in a positive manner after spending time doing the exercise for a number of days.

I have had a similar experience however with blogging. Several times a day I note that this thought I am having is a perfect blog post to debate. The number of times a day I have thought - "oh that is worth writing about" has increased exponentially while I have been doing this project of 100 posts before I have my next birthday.

The main problem here is not having the thought. The main problem is "focus". As a side note - this word counts in work "bullshit bingo" - we use it when we want to say F*ck off cos U'r Stupid". which has a certain affinity for those people in the room who realise what is being said to the person speaking.

Anyway, the point here is that I have many ideas - at least a couple a day however this could be a couple an hour which surface as great ideas to blog and I do the thing people have done for centuries. I say to myself - I must remember that for when I am on the computer later.

The question is do I remember, well I was going to make this post, as all the others so far, over 400 words, however, the point here is I have to say the answer is NO.


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