male sports players and gender issues

I was discussing on training one day how gender equality was an impossibility. I am sure some readers will have your assumption filter jump into place now however I also usually find people are surprised by my opinions on this subject, as they tend to have made more assumptions about me.
Although in truth this was never meant to be a political arena so I will not be voicing opinions per se here today, or getting into a debate.

So back to the training, a participant, female, provided this experience.

on a night out

A group of large men who did sport together and were drinking in their club with no other people able to hear them apart from the lady in question and the bar staff. The lady was was telling us this story.
She pointed out that those men felt the need to apologise to her, the one lady present, for what they are saying, boystrous language and actions.

The lady then opened these two discussions.

Firstly, is it wrong that the men feel the need to apologise to the lady, as surely the belief that the lady is incapable of managing her own reactions to events around her, is itself a sexist belief?

Secondly, if we are to have equal acceptance of the other genders behaviour, should she not have just accepted that this was happening and accept men for being men?

"if a tree falls in the woods..."

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