to Fast or not to Fast - and how long for?

I like to watch something to end my day as a resource for destressing and changing my frame of mind toward bed. I also and generally not particularly choosy about what I watch. I like a good film but you are more likely to get something positive from a documentary if you are not going to spend time researching what is best film. A couple of nights ago I watched Chris Hemsworth - Limitless, I had watched a few and that night got to episode 4 which was about Fasting.

Last night I finished a 48 hour fast as from watching the episode I knew I would be working the next day and travelling. I was on the road by 7 and normally I would not eat till the evening. So I got stuck into a project as soon as I got home after 6 that took me into the evening till I was tired. Sleeping this night was OK when I got there but took a while, there is a constant hunger which led to me using water to stave off the hunger then having to be up to the loo more than normal which woke me and reminded me I was hungry. Rince and Repeat.

The 48 hours were about keeping busy, planning the time. When I woke on the last day I had considered doing 36 and eating that morning however as my normal routine is to eat in the evening this day was not an issue till the last 2 hours. I had fed the dogs and lit the fire only to have a smoke blow back which happens occasionally when lighting the fire. Normally this is not an issue however the carbon monoxide poisoning alarm was screaming for a long time and while sorting it all out waiting outside. This led to a headache which coupled with the fasting was a hard couple of hours.

In the future I intend on doing this more often. It is probably 4 - 5 days a week I would only eat in a 4 hour window and sometimes simply one meal a day #omad. However perhaps once a month I should look at fasting and perhaps I should consider how long I could do.

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