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Good day to you all!

We live in incredible times with such possibilities that is clear. Although its easily dismissed by looking down at our feet or watch how democracy is being gamed and broken

To quote Buckminster Fuller "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

You are seeing aspects of this happening as people rethink public transport

Reflections on capitalism gone wild system
Ian thinks: Douglas Rushkoff's monologue at Betaworks Studio is breathless, funny, tragic and worth every minute of your time.

Ghosts in the Smart Home
Ian thinks: Lancaster University's short about smart homes, is a design fiction which is fun, informative and enjoyable to watch. Sure some the living room of the future and petras workstream had a influence?

Black Lives Matter's alternative systems
Ian thinks: Theres a question later about the media, Alicia talks about creating their own systems not just relying on what already exists.

Surveillance systems head to head
Ian thinks: Cambridge Analytica's whistle-blower and Russian investigative journalist, go head to head discussing surveillance capitalism and government surveillance.

Suicide Is an Epidemic and Therapy Apps are not helping
Ian thinks: As we turn to apps for everything, a thoughtful look at therapy apps market good and bad. Theres not an app for everything.

The real johnny mnemonic (contains surgery pictures)
Ian thinks: Ever since Quantified Self people started embedding NFC under the skin, I wondered how far it would go. Perfect name name for the software

We are not ready, privacy in 2019
Ian thinks: Really good list of the leaks, abuses, dumps and thoughts if we are ready for even more? Question is how many more before the end of year?

Emotional and Erotic Intelligence for an enlighten future (NSFW)
Ian thinks: Although a talk about sextech is uncomfortable for some, the subject of intimacy, human connection and self reflection are so much more important than our personal discomfort.

Danilo Milovanović public space interventions
Ian thinks: Excellent to see more thoughtful playful artistic interventions in the public relam.

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