3 - Thinking more clearly

Today was E's school trip. It was fun, and reminded of the fact that I really don't want to be a teacher again.

HR is leading the prayer meeting tonight. That has meant obviously that I haven't had to plan it. It does feel good not having had to plan and execute a prayer meeting. It mostly always feels stressful. I'm not quite sure why. Saying all that, she hasn't turned up yet (on Zoom). We agreed 7:50. It's now 7:53. Come on H.

She's just arrived.

And it's just happened.

Blog posts like this do not make for good reading. Apologies.

So, another thing that happened today was that I listened to the Carey Nieuwhof podcast, whereby he interviewed Nir Eyal. He wrote a book called Indistractable, which I need to read. Nir, via Twitter I think, links to someone called Julian Shapiro, who gives great advice on how to write better. I picked up something he said on thinking clearly. I recognise that I don't think as clearly as I would like. So I tweeted him, to ask what advice he would give to someone who recognises that they don't think as clearly as they would like.

His answer was, "Practice problem solving."

Initially I thought, "what?"

But then I googled it, and actually it does seem like that would make a lot of sense. I've never considered myself to be a good problem solver. So this is a reminder to me to do just that. Practice problem solving. (By the way, "practice" I think, in this case, should be with an "s". Practise, over practice. Practise is a verb; practice is a noun.)

Farewell, readers.

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