What Interested Me This Summer?

All the hurt, disappointment, sadness. It was all covered up by going out and fake smiles. Everybody would always complain about the country’s economy but would not do anything to help it. They always complain about the situation and then say: “I love this country more than anything, I want to live here till I die.” Even though they have the option to go live a better life somewhere else.

I was very shocked by everyone’s attitude towards the situation, they would complain that there was no money available in the country but then proceeded to go out every single night, for dinners, drinks etc…

It really showed me the true nature of the people living there, there whole life revolved around being with other people and enjoying life no matter the circumstance. That is what was very beautiful, that no matter how terrible things can get, Lebanese people would always find the good aspects of life and appreciate them. What interested me the most was people’s passion towards the country. Certainly the costs out way the advantages but they still respect it as much as ever, which I will never understand. I did not live in Lebanon to experience what all my friends and family who still live there did and every time I ask them if they had a choice to leave, they would tell me that they would not take it. I was very shocked when I first heard this but then I realised how amazing it was as a country and how it kept people happy. Even though the people running it are not the most competent the country still manages to keep many people happy and me included.

Every time I would go out at night, I would notice how many people still go out and I would ask my friends who do not live there anymore what they thought about it and they also found it very interesting.

Overall, I think this experience really shocked me but also made me see Lebanon from a different point of view and appreciate it a lot more even though it has its troubles. It's people will always love and appreciate it no matter the circumstances and I find that very touching.

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