Paper 1 Practice Exercises

Page 59 from Voice Lessons

In the midst of poverty and want, Felix carried with pleasure to his sister the first little white flower that peeped out from beneath the snowy ground.

  • Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
  1. His character comes off as a kind and caring person, especially when the author uses the words: "pleasure". He comes off as a simplistic person and that he finds the joy in the small things in life and cherishes them.

  2. It would contradict the statement made before: "In the midst of poverty and want".

Page 64 from Voice Lessons

The rainy night had ushered in a misty morning - half frost, half drizzle - and temporary brooks crossed our path, gurgling from the uplands.

- Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

  1. The author uses visual elements to describe the environment that the place is set in. For example: "misty" creates an environment of vagueness and blur which entails that the day will become a mystery. Other words such as "frost" and "drizzle" create a cold environment.

She also uses auditory elements to catch the reader's attention. The words: "gurgling", "drizzle" and "ushered" are used to invoke a more vivid image of the scenario which draws the reader's attention to smaller details.

  1. The words "rain", "mist" and "frost" are usually associated with sadness and darkness. It would feel more lively and bright if the author used the words "brilliant" and "sunny morning".

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