The God of Carnage (Ideas)

  1. I found it very interesting how they kept changing who's side they are on. For example page 62 when Annette and Veronique start arguing again about who's guilty,

    Veronique says: "Fuck off! I've had quite enough of you."

There was a change in tone between their relationship because on page 57 they were both laughing at Alain because of his phone which shows that they are getting alone. This scenario happens a lot throughout the play, but interestingly the only relationship that is rocky is Veronique's and Michel's. After a few scenes they start showing the nature of their relationship. However, they were already arguing at the beginning of the play.

  1. Throughout the play the true nature of Veronique and Michel's marriage is revealed. Michel explains how terrible married life is on page 49:

    "Children consume and fracture our lives. Children drag us towards

    disaster, it's unavoidable."

When we first read the description of the setting, we immediately think that they both have perfect lives and that they are both very happy.

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